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Remarkable Home Entertainment Options At Great Prices

Let ZAAP TV/IP-TV INSTALLMENTS of Quincy, Massachusetts, provide you with the best home theater and IPTV options available. We have the expertise to do superior work at truly affordable prices.


Home Theater

Experience the thrills that only home theater provides. Let us install your home theater system. If you require components like speakers or a stand to keep it all together, we'll help you find what works best for you in a desirable price range.

Tell us what you expect from your home theater system and we will estimate a cost for you. Our contract will require half of the total cost to be paid in advance, prior to your customized installation with the balance due upon completion. Installation times can range from 20 minutes to two hours. Undeveloped rooms may take longer.


You benefit from a comprehensive one-year warranty on the equipment with other warranties available. Please contact us for more details.


Choose from the finest furniture, carpeting, and blinds great quality at affordable prices.

with Home Theater in mind we provide the best collection for your living room and Home Theater.

CALL NOW for a free measurment of your carpeting and blinds wont be dissapointed GUARANTEED!

Home Theater Decor